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80KW air heater

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1. During heating,air max temperature can reach 600 degree celsius,but the surface temperature of the sheath is just around 50 degree Celsius.

2. Heat efficient is more than 95%

3. Temperature raise rate:10 degree Celsius per second during working

4. The heating element is made of high temperature alloy with good mechanical character

5. Usage time:standard more than 10 years

6. Clean air,small volume

7. Made as client design,2KW~1000KW

8. After reached the max temperature,the working wattage can reduce to half.



It has been applied extensively in aerospace industry, weapon industry, chemical industry, and research and manufacturing laboratories in institutions of higher education, etc.


Please note that our factory also accept customization,you can tell us your specific requirement,we will design a suitable product for you.

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